Yoga Classes

Bodhisattva Rd Studio

In the Bodhisattva Road Yoga studio, please txt to reserve your place in the class. Classes are :
Tues 5.45 – 7.15pm

Thurs 5.45 – 7.15pm

Sat 6.45 – 8.15am

This is a photo of a view from the studio.


Weekly Timetable


Monday 9.15 – 10.15am

Albany Pool and Leisure Centre

Tuesday 5.45 – 7.15pm

Bodhisattva Rd Studio

48 Bodhisattva Rd, Silverdale and online

Wednesday 11.15 – 12.15pm

Stanmore Bay Leisure Centre

Thursday 9.15 – 10.15am

Stanmore Bay Leisure Centre

Thursday 5.45pm – 7.15pm 

Online and in the  Bodhisattva Road studio

Friday 5.45- 6.45pm

Stanmore Bay Leisure Centre

Saturday 6.45- 8.15 am

Bodhisattva Rd studio, Silverdale and Online, book by appointment.

Led practice.

Saturday 9 – 10am

Albany Pool and Leisure Centre

The pricing for yoga classes is as follows: 

Studio/Zoom Casual 1.5 hour class $25      10 week concession card $180  

The Yoga classes available online have proven themselves to be a very useful tool, especially in times of sickness or even when you wish to conserve your travel time. As long as you have good internet.

For example I currently teach in the workplace online many times a week, the advantage to the people attending is they can be at home or in the office. Joining together means there is a connection and the feeling of not being seperated by place.

At the Leisure Centre’s a Casual yoga class of 1 hour is $16    

Give the gift of Yoga. Treat someone who is special to you with a Yoga class gift voucher.

Purchased Gift voucher’s can be emailed to you.

Contact for more information.

Bank Account number 12-3019-0658463-00

And every Star

Jeff and I create music as well. And every star is one our music tracks.

Here is a quote about music and life which could easily be said about Yoga and life. “It is our talent, I realized, that gives us our special individuality and identity. It reveals, in fact, who we really are. I reasoned, therefore, that the more fully one develops one’s talent, the greater one’s powers ought to become in all the other aspects of one’s life.This seemed to be the real purpose of studying music – to unite ourselves with our special gifts in such a way that one would add strength to the other. It was this thought that led me to a very important discovery: the practice and performance of music can promote self-integration.” Seymour Bernstein.

Yoga is also proven to help with mental health. Probably the biggest reward in the realaxation methods that are learnt after every Yoga class. Invaluable to us both physically and mentally. Yoga allows the thoughts to become quieter. Overthinking is very common in daily life, Yoga is an opportunity to disrupt the overthinking brain or mind.

Other people come because of injury. Yoga is methodical in its process and individually a person is taught how to care and assist in the remedy of injuries. Careful and thoughtful instructions on how to not only not re-injure but how to help with the general health of an injury is a science and an art.