Yoga brings me home.

Saturday morning and feeling inspired to share with you the joy of a regular morning Yoga practice. It   feels    like      I    am    me. Its a deep feeling which comes through without filters of how am I supposed to be in any given moment. I feel well, I have a sense of where i could do more to increase my wellness, whether a physical adjustment is needed, or a mental/emotional adjustment is needed. Am I breathing? Yes, my breath is steady. Yet within all those actions is this rich sense of inner contentment. My joy rises up. Health is a great thing, here’s the invitation lets all come together in the world and share daily practices that increase our wellness. An additional comment I would make is – this does not mean daily health practices are easy. As an individual I have had my struggles….all it means is the struggles are worth it.

Photo of a marae we stayed at in Te Tii – Whitiora Marae.