Kahukura – Red Admiral Butterfly

“The breath connects our inner world with the outer; it brings our core in contact with the universe outside. It is an inbuilt form of giving and receiving which has an ancient, primordial quality, like the rhythm of the sea. Something always there, but something rarely felt or noticed. It is worth spending some time with, and it is worth preparing ourselves for.” Pixie Lillas

BKS Iyengar famously said it is only after 12 years of continual practice of pranayama can you call your self not a beginner. I have had an intermittent practice of pranayama for 30 years….so it is with great humility I realize the importance of a regular pranayama practice for myself and everyone I teach. My commitment is  to teach every week a pranayama class. Therefore my pranayama practice will be everyday. I watch with interest as this unfolds. Namaste