The measures of Success

How beautiful a butterfly is. When seen, I think, great, it is going to be a good day. As a child I often sought solace emotionally and mentally outside in nature. One instance I can vividly recall is nine year old me, in the garden, walking round and round the clothes line repeating to myself a phrase. I don’t remember the words. I think I had been introduced to the reverence and rituals of christianity a few years earlier. The church’s and the singing inspired me, it could of been the lords prayer I was repeating…I am not sure. I do remember the feelings of those past experiences, I felt connected. My thoughts at the clothesline were as long as I stayed with the words, repeating them, I would be alright. I did these rituals regularly over the years, often outside where I felt free, uninhibited. The message was clear, stay the course.

This morning I did not realize this memory was close to the surface. My original reason to write about the measures of success was to reflect on a week well spent. Acknowledging what works for me, how to feel contented. How did I do it? It wasn’t by magic. I made a plan and followed it.  As I look back this Sunday morning on the past week.  I breathe in and breathe out and give thanks to all the teachers who have led me to this moment. I give myself the permission to trust the feelings that lead me to a life well spent. Feel, be in the moment, study, learn, practice, review, refine, give thanks. Namaste.