Icecream and fasting.

Summertime and kids. Its a no brainer they all love icecream. So I have been making it unfortunately the easy recipe is with cream. So yes another plastic container to transport the cream in. Plastic free living sure isnt perfect. Once I can find enough interested people to buy the farmers milk we can cream the cream off of the top of the milk…anyone interested?

Today is Day 1 of crazy sexy diet. Or 80/20 alkaline to acid. I am giving it the 21 days it deserves or should I say I deserve. I am allowed the occasional glass of refeshment and occasional choc and coffee. Each of those treats will cost me a cleansed body though…so fingers crossed I wont be tempted. I am thinking though Laneway Festival will prove a little hard to say know to a beer….we will see thats 14 days away. Arohanui, xx.

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